We are having full time consultants specialized in Diabetes care and metabolic disorder management e.g. dyslipidemia, thyroid diseases, obesity etc.We specialize in all aspects of diabetes management including Type 1 Diabetes (mostly foundin children), Type 2 Diabetes (mostly found in adults), Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes inPregnancy) and diagnosing and treating diabetes complications at the initial stages so thatprogression would be halted sooner and that can be reverted with lifestyle modification andmedicinal support.

Best part of our treatment is that our consultants spend quality time with patients understanding their problems, alleviating their anxiety and fears, empowering them with knowledge to live positively with Diabetes.

  • Services offered
  • Detailed history
  • Complete physical evaluation including foot examination
  • Detail explanation of patient’s current health status
  • Diabetes education including lifestyle modification
  • Treatment plan relevant to patient needs
  • Proper Insulin application education
  • Patient care is not confined to consulting rooms/office hours, but we are in constant touch with patients through telemedicine.
  • Detailed history


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